//ŞEREFE - [ʃeɾeˈfe]

Turks make up the largest group of immigrants in Germany. Growing up with a blend of both cultures I realized how strong and off track the German stereotypes of Turks are. Outside the Turkish community there is little knowledge about Turkish culture, constantly contributing to missunderstandings.

This illustration of Turkish traditions, playfully takes away their unfamiliarity. In Turkey, culinary experiences structure the day. Especially beverages have traditional and social meaning and each comes with their own story. Modeled and animated with blender the beverages narrate their own story.

Tools: Blender

Çay [tʃaj]

In the buzzing streets of Istanbul nothing is standing still. Children are playing, sellers at the market are crying out their prices, cars are honking. There is always somebody making their way through the moving crowd caring a cluttered silver tray, handing out tea to everyone. The tea makes its way to you, leaving a trace of relaxation. As you are taking the first sip of hot cay everything goes quiet and calm for a moment.

Rakı [raˈkɯ]

Do you have something on your mind? Friends and family get together to share their concerns and unburden their hearts over a glass of raki or two.

Ayca Noel Tari
Goethestraße 24
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